Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Okay, technically it's "scat," but I love saying the word poop. I feel compelled to post this picture, so as not to be outdone by fellow artist and bio-nerd Ann Ranlett.

Last night it rained pretty hard, the first desert monsoon of the season. This morning I found what was left of this coyote scat - all fur and bone fragments. I pulled it apart a bit to check out the bone fragments, and found a dime-sized jaw bone with teeth intact (upper left of photo). You probably have to be a major nature lover to appreciate this, but I thought it was pretty cool. Whatever this coyote ate, it was eaten whole. I'm thinking small rodent, probably something nocturnal, like a mouse or baby pack rat.

I regret to inform you that this photo will not be available for sale anytime soon, nor will it be appearing on any greeting cards or refrigerator magnets (hmmmm . . . refrigerator magnets). If any of my fellow artists would like to use it as a reference photo, you have my permission. You're welcome. ;)


  1. Well you know I can't let this post go uncommented! I'll see your coyote scat and raise you a scat with a bird foot and snake skeleton ;)

  2. "Hmmmm...refrigerator magnets..."

    LOL :-)

    Not nearly so pretty as your Cholla Bloom magnet, but I bet there's a market for it. ;-)

  3. I was quite pleased to find an ancient word in a very old English dictionary for Fox Poop, its Scumber, lovely isn't it ,Smiles :) Lindax