Monday, June 8, 2009


George Carlin did a fabulous routine about the importance of “stuff.” We all have “stuff,” and we store the stuff in plastic containers to keep our stuff clean and organized. When we have too much stuff, we move it to a storage facility to make room for MORE stuff. That’s why we need houses. “Your house is just a place to keep your stuff while you go out and get MORE stuff.”

Guilty as charged.

You don’t realize just how much stuff you’ve accumulated until you reach a certain age, and start questioning why you’ve had have all those Rubbermaid containers stacked up in the closet for, oh, a few decades or so.

If the economy cooperates, we’ll be moving back to L.A. soon. Every time I move, all this stuff moves with me, and goes from one closet to another. Not this time. I’m getting rid of all this stuff . . . plush toys, trading cards, old magazines, hundreds of CDs and DVDs that I listened to only once . . . it goes on and on. All the stuff is going. Okay, all the stuff EXCEPT my ACEOs and my South Park collectibles. Some things are sacred.

This is really a long-winded excuse explanation as to why I’ve been concentrating on my photography in recent months, and haven’t painted a thing. Somewhere beneath all the wreckage is my art studio. I’ll find it eventually. I hope. Then I can paint some stuff.

Five minutes of non-stop laughs: George Carlin on "stuff."


  1. What's wrong with "stuff"? ;o) Rhetorical question.

    We cannot all be Martha Stewart. And if she does not create some "utterly useless junky stuff"!

    She is not even into "cool stuff".

    Born part squirrel, I just... love... "stuff"!

    I even moved all "my stuff" from Chicago to San Diego and back.

    The man from Allied said it was expensive to move a library out to California! He did not know I was going to move it all back again!

    I love libraries with books and other stuff. But I never wanted to have to go there. I had no idea Al Gore was going to invent the Internet!

    I am working on paring down "my stuff". But I am never going to give up my "stuff"!

    I have decided to make peace with "my stuff'!

    My "stuff" looks like one of those old vintage stores with albums, Beatles, Barbie, Nancy Drew stuff! And I rather like it- "my stuff"! That is why I accumulated so much stuff!

    I am tumbling out of the closet, standing up proud- "me and my STUFF"!

    I, after all due deliberation, have decided to celebrate "my stuff"!



    I love your blog. Occasionally I buy ATC's on Ebay. Never even occurred to me that the artwork might be bogus. I just never thought about it, you know.
    Have you seen the A and E series "Hoarders"? Alas! It is about people that hoard! Very entertaining.

    I love seeing people with even more stuff than I have!

    Thanks for the cool video! I do not think I have seen that entire George Carlin routine. What an utterly brilliant guy!