Thursday, May 28, 2009


Last month I noticed a roundtail ground squirrel running around my property. She had taken over a den that had been abandoned by another squirrel, and was running about madly collecting leaves and food. She very small and thin, so I guessed her to be a juvenile setting up house. I was thrilled to see her, as roundtails are a bit of a rarity.

On the evening of Memorial Day, I was surprised to see two tiny heads poking out of the den. Babies! The next day came two more, and two more after that. A litter of six, which is a lot, especially for such a tiny mom.

In the last few days I’ve snapped hundreds of photos. Ahhhh . . . the beauty of digital cameras, to have the ability to click away endlessly without the worry of running out of film.

Hubby says this guy looks like a Power Ranger. Can't wait to put him on some Cafe Press items. What personality!

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